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Cutternation Complete Starter Pack

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Cutternation DrawString Bag

-Acumobility Ball

-1lb Plyo ball

-2lb Plyo ball

-1 set of bands

-sticker pack



Acumobility Ball

  • The First and Only Flat-Base Trigger Point Ball - Get deep into those muscles and knots all over your body with Acumobility Patented Massage Balls! Unlike your usual lacrosse ball, this massage ball for back has a flat base so it stays in place and doesn’t roll away. Our Level 2 massager ball has the firmness of a lacrosse ball with an edge - you can use the rounded edge and the knife edge for advanced deep tissue release!
  • Chiropractor Designed Ball Massager - Now you can deal with tight muscles on any part of your body! Our one-of-a-kind back massage ball is specially designed by a chiropractor to help you work through and live well with many types of muscle pains - from your shoulders to your back to your leg down to your foot! This foot massage ball works like a hand or elbow doing deep-tissue work on those hard-to-reach spots of our bodies!
  • Easy to Use & Travel-Friendly - With its unique patented flat base, no need to worry about it sliding or rolling away! You can easily use this massage ball for feet on any floor surface like carpets, rugs, tiles and wood; or use this lacrosse ball, massage ball therapy sitting on a chair, couch or bed, or against any wall - which is not easy to do with a round massage ball. If you're travelling, take this amazing trigger point ball with you.

Plyo Balls 1 & 2 lb

These plyo balls are unmatched in dependability and durability, created to withstand hundreds of throws and designed for the most rigorous throwing programs in today's game! The ball is designed to be thrown into any hard, flat surface. Apply insane amounts of effort and ground force and let it rip with the confidence in knowing our Ballistic Throwing Balls can handle the force you need/want to exert.

Our Plyo Throwing Ball design and injection process improves the users grip and feel, allowing the individual to control/hold the ball more tightly during throwing drills.e

Pitchers Bands

Pitchers Bands are designed to increase a baseball player’s range of motion and durability by targeting key muscles in the shoulder, back and arm through a series of warm up exercises. Use Gorilla Bands as a integral part of any arm care program to maximize results. By properly incorporating Gorilla Bands into an arm care program and throwing regimen, athletes can expect to see a increase in arm flexibility, mobility and range of motion which can lead to increased velocity, durability and stamina. Our bands are designed for all players whether it be a pitcher, a catcher or any position player. Incorporate Gorilla Bands into your practice routine today to ensure you stay healthy and durable ALL Season Long!

Sticker Pack

Includes all 3 designs 

Drawstring Bag! 

1 Custom Cutternation Bag to keep all your equipment in!

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Polyester lining
  • Drawstring closure
  • 13" shoulder drop
  • CLASSIC COLOR: Our polyester drawstring bag is suitable for various occasions like travel, sports, school, gym and so on. The classical color of black is easy matching, so these athletic drawstring bags are great for sport bags or gym bags. Regardless of adults or teens, both men and women can use these drawstring tote bags carry items, and these drawstring backpack bags will simplify your life.